Morning, You and I are Done

It’s morning time, and you know what that means right?  It’s time to get up and seize the day throw some coffee on, and chug it like it’s no tomorrow.  Well, maybe not.  But I still could go for some coffee, and that’s so going to be happening in just a bit. 

I just signed up for tumblr btw, and considering my lousy track record with doing any sort of blog consistently, don’t expect to much from me.  Though I am going to try to update it somewhat often, which counts for something right?  I also linked it all up to my other blog, as well as my Zerply page.  I feel so professional.  Well, that is if my profession consisted of me making pointless posts on a social network.  Whatever.

I work today, which is great.  It’s a wonderfull day to make some burritos.  It’s also a wonderfull day to go pay my two tickets.  Wow I just used the strike-through feature in two posts?  A tad bit much I think.  Sorry, I’ll keep that down. 

coffee morning moes burritos cappuccino